EB-5 Program Benefits

The EB-5 program is the fastest way to obtain a US Green Card.  A US Green Card provides many benefits.  You and your family, which includes your spouse and all unmarried children below the age of 21, are eligible to receive green cards.

  • You will enjoy the same benefits as other US residents.
  • As a parent of college aged children, you have potential to save $80,000 per child in tuition while sending your children to attend top US public colleges and universities.
  • You and your family have the freedom to take up any job, run any business, and live anywhere in the United States. 
  • As a retiree you can enjoy living in peaceful subarbs with peace and quite and access to wrold's best health care.
  • You can travel around the world with ease.  Visas to Europe and other countries are much easier to acquire with a US Green Card.
  • In 5 years, you can apply for a full US citizenship.                            



Here is what some of the EB-5 Green Card holders are saying.

“My friend had her F1 Student Visa rejected - TWICE. I am lucky, my father applied for the EB-5 US Green Card for my whole family and I got my Green Card even before the University confirmed my admission. I never need a US visa ever again.”

“I just finished my undergrad and I have the same job opportunities like my American friends. Before I came to the US, I thought I had to pick a job that offers me an H1 work sponsorship. With my EB-5 US Green Card, I picked a job of my dreams - I don’t need work sponsorship.”

“I got my EB-5 US Green Card in 6 months. I wish I knew about this before. I would have been eligible for US citizenship soon after my Undergrad studies.”

“I don’t have to wait in the long tourist queue at US Immigration anymore. I walk through the Citizen line! I can stay as long as I want.”

“I’m buying a house in the US. With my EB-5 US Green Card, I can have access to US mortgage funding at 2% p.a. Now I have a place to stay in the US when I visit my children who are studying at some of the best universities in the world.”

“I saved $100,000 in tuition on my undergrad program at the University of Virginia. And now I don’t need a H1 visa, its a good thing my family applied for the EB-5 US Green Card before my admission.”

“I bought a lobster farm in Belize - just one hour flying time to Houston and Miami. They let me into Belize only because I had an EB-5 US Green Card.”

“I’m exploring new business in South America. Our EB-5 US Green Card allows my family to be based in the US.”

“I remember my brother waited 12 years before he got his Green Card - 4 years at a UG program, 2 years of a graduate program, 6 years with an H1 work permit. Finally he got his Green Card. I run a successful business in my home country - I got my EB-5 US Green Card in 6 months.”

“My entire family is in the US and had sponsored my father for a Green Card. My father and mother finally got their Green Cards after a 16-year wait. Unfortunately, it was one month after my 21st birthday. Lucky for me, I got my EB-5 US Green Card in 6 months and was able to join my family.”

“My father worked hard to put us through US universities. My sisters and I can’t wait the 10-15 years it may take to get my parents a Green Card. We sponsored the EB-5 US Green Card and my parents will join us in the US in 6 months.”

“My wife and I decided we wanted our unborn children to have the infinite opportunity that the US provides. We got the EB-5 US Green Card so we can start our family in the US.”

“I have three kids in US high schools. I want them to have the opportunities that I didn’t have. I didn’t know about the EB-5 US Green Card until recently. I could have accessed US mortgage funding rather than putting so much money behind a home. Also, instead of sending my kids to expensive private school, I could have picked the best school district and sent them to school for free! They would all been eligible for Citizenship before they completed their undergraduate programs. We’re now expecting our US Green Cards in 6 months.”

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