EB-5 Process

The EB-5 program requirements are simple. You will subscribe to a designated project by signing the Subscription Agreement. We will collect your personal documents like passports and birth certificates or equivalents. Based on your particular situation, we will also collect documents to prove Source of Funds. These documents are then submitted along with your I-526 petition. Expect your EB-5 US Green Cards for you and family in 6 months.

Global Bridge will guide you through the entire immigration process.

All the legal paper work associated with investment and immigration can be daunting.  In order to simplify and expedite the application process with the USCIS, we employ top immigration attorneys to work with you and prepare all your documentation for the application process.  

Typically, it will take about 12 months to get "conditional" Green Cards for you and your family. After 24 months, we will assist you to apply to the USCIS to remove condition status of your Green Cards.

Five years after you first receive your Green Cards, you can be eligible to apply for full US citizenship.


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